module SobiPro NearBy

SobiPro NearBy   (type: Module)

requirement:  of course: SobiPro (tested v1.4.11 - I'm testing the new v1.5.2 here live :)

                                      a geohash field in the section where you want to use this module.

you can see a demo inside the  SobiPro test installation  (the module is only displayed on detail pages)


a little module that displays entries near by the active one


you have to select a section and and the name of the geohash field in this section

choose weather to show entries from - a defined category or only the same category or from all categories

you can set the maximum distance and the maximum of displayed entries along with some output options



you must have or add a (new) field in your section-fields setup, where the

necessary geohash data of the entry address is stored for distance calculation

(use a field name of your choice, as long as you select it in the module setup :)


download mod_sobinearby  (12 KB)

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