SJ Extra Slider (SobiPro)

adv. SJ ExtraSlider for SobiPro   (type: Core Hack)

requirements:  SobiPro and SJ Extra Slider for SobiPro from  Smartaddons


Smartaddon has many SobiPro AddOns, but only this and the Ajax-Tabs are working in actual Joomla


this is just a very little hack (3+1 lines) of the ExtraSlider Core,

which will give you the ability to setup different amounts for the choosen categories 

        I only can give the additional core lines, because it is a pay-module.


here you see 3 categories selected, and an amount set to 30 for

the 1st category and an amount of 9 for the 2nd and 3rd category 


Usage: (after hack)

in the module setup just type the different category amounts

in the standard amount field divided by a colon (eg. 15:5 )

the last number will be used if there are more categories than numbers.


the new core lines:

in the helper.php just add the following lines in the function _getEntry(...)

after  $eLimit = ($eLimit < 0)?0:$eLimit; 

        if(strpos($eLimit,':')>0) {
        $arrLimit = explode(':',$eLimit);
        $arrLimit = array_pad ($arrLimit,count($_catids),array_pop($arrLimit));


and after   foreach($_catids as $catid) {

        $eLimit = (isset($arrLimit)) ? array_shift ($arrLimit) : $eLimit;


that's all, now you can use the input variant in setup as described  

download-instruction.php (381 B)