actual news (Joomla 4):


I'm a bit busy in the moment, but I'm going to do updates for Joomla 4.

     As the new SobiPro v2 for Joomla 4 switched to be a paid component,

 I cannot update my sobi-mods/modules for this new version

I will check the new kunena v6 to see if I can do this updates soon.



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2 years ago

A new forum topic has been submitted., Cheap Personalized Tapestry, Marvel

2 years ago

updated version of mod_SPWeather+ - now with location input field

3 years ago

NEW: added a Kunena Frontend Template Chooser (module)

3 years ago

added a little Joomla hack to count robots

3 years ago

NEW modules: Sobi_modif (last modified entries) and Sobi_catdrop (category select DD)

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mod_JSlots - a multi layout slotmachine for joomla


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