Kunena Editor Modification

Kunena Editor Modifications   (type: Core Hack)

modifications to the BBCode core and the template Editor's markitup*.js files


this is NOT a simple one click setup module - only use it if you know how to edit php and js.

I have included complete edited files, but I can't know if they will work on your kunena version,

as I don't know the update map of kunena 5 (and I never have tested this in version 3 or 4)

WYSIWYG - you will get:



you may look and test the functionality in the forum


this original kunena files must be edited:

  • libraries/kunena/bbcode/bbcode.php                    main bbcode translate file
  • libraries/kunena/bbcode/parser.php                       just a few lines
    • kunena/layout/topic/edit/editor.php                only if adding audio, email or osm map
    • kunena/layout/widget/editor.php                    only if adding audio, email or osm map
  • language/xx/xx-XX.com_kunena.templates.ini and language/xx/xx-XX.com_kunena.ini


this original kunena - template files must be edited:

  • yourtemplate/assets/js/markitup-editor.js            the main constructor for the editor

  • yourtemplate/assets/js/markitup-set.js                 all the js used for the editor functions

  • yourtemp./layouts/widget/editor/bbcode.php         templates for the editor's modals
          or     layouts/topic/edit/editor/default.php               depends on the template

  • yourtemplate/assets/css -> custom.css                 adding the new, needed css lines

    • yourtemplate/assets/js/upload-main.js              only needed to link attachements
    • yourtemplate/assets/js/topic.js                           only needed for the new audio functions
    • yourtemplate/config/config.xml                           only for audio and map setup in backend
    • yourtemp./layouts/bbcode/map/default.php         only needed for new map button


important: always check if your template loads the normal.js or the -min.js version.

you can simply rename normal js files to -min, this makes just a few more kb, or minifiy your new JS online.


this new js files must be added:   (only if you want to use this functions, or load it dynamicly)

  • libraries/kunena/external/twjs/twidgets.js  don't load latest!        an old original twitter script

  • libraries/kunena/external/hls/hls.min.js + hls.min.js.map                the original hls streaming script 

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