module JSlots

jQuery jSlots  (type: Module         based on the jQuery Slotmachine by Matthew Lein


a nice javascript (jQuery) based Slotmachine embedded in an easy installable joomla module.




I've updated the script with some more different winning plans and

  • included a picture option, so you can use picture-pairs instead of simple numbers,
  • but only in the basic numbers game you may set multible winning numbers.
  • also, there are some classic Jackpot games as predefined three slot layout
  • and two predefined beautyful card / pharao games using a five slot layout.

you may choose to show a layout switcher on user side or just setup the game you want.

you can setup the number of slots, winning numbers or the picture / Jackpot / card option.

in the number or card layout you may enable an additional Hold option for slots


all included winning plans are just calculated as I found to be fair, but you may change them :)

all winning plans are stored in the translation files, so it is easy to use your own calculation.


the pictures winning plan is based to check for image-pairs (1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 ...),

so if replacing a set with your own, your images must always contain sets of a pairs


although the module comes with an english and german translation file, the win-pictures are german.

(create the win-alert-pictures of your choice e.g. on and store them in the /img/Tag folder)


Free Games

The setup also includes the possibility to set a day limit of free games for all users (also guests)

(based on some browser's local storage values, so no cookies :) - free games are used as basic win

optional you can save the games counter in the joomla db, but this is only available for registered users

the free games option also includes the option to xchange winning points for additional free games


try the demo on the main site


download mod_jslots (54 KB)

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