module SPWeather advanced

new SP Weather   (type: Module)

requirement:  nothing, but some of the services require a free api-key.


just an updated version of the SP Weather module from


more setup possibilities and ipinfo integration to get weather data by user IP

      added some day/night/cloudy/sunny backgrounds (changing by time and weather)

      added a (non cookie) switcher, so a user can disable loading of the weather module


only available for registered users of a site (because use of user->db parameters)

  • added an ON / OFF switch, so a user can decide not to load the weather module
  • added a City Input field, so a user can set the weathershow for a city of his choice

    both settings are saved in user->params, so will stay as long as the user don't change


← see the demo on the left side


download mod_sp_weather (132 KB)

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